• 31-03-2015 | Herman De Groote
  • Bassevelde, Belgium

Sortition 2015

The names of 16 teams will go into the sortition tin on 7 April 2015. Some prominent characters from the Belgian and Dutch football world will, under the expert guidance of Sporza journallist Tom Baldemoro, draw the balls. As usual, the sortition will take place in the community center De Bijenkorf, Sportstraat 4 at 9960 Assenede and is for invited guests only.

Since the sortition is a private matter and by invitation only, we ask you to log in with the user name and password that you received from the organization. You can find these on the back of the invitation. 

After the sortition, the groups will be announced on this website and through social media and the press.


Meer foto's vindt u in het fotoalbum.

Sortition registration


Registration for the sortition ran until 1 April and has ended.

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U13 CUP 2019

With the participation of Atletico de Madrid< we will recieve one of the stars from the Spanish league. The Iranian KIA Football Academy will be present as first Asian team ever! Further, European topteams like FC Nantes, Lille, Celtic, Bayer Leverkusen, PSV and AZ and all Belgian top teams complete the list. Read more on the page teams 2019.


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